Willow watch face

How to add an image to the Willow gallery.

for Willow Photo Watch face
Default Images
By default, Willow photo watch face will provide you 4 images.
You can add more photos to this willow gallery app by pressing the plus button on the right side.
All of image repository
This page is an image repository. You have the option to choose the quality image from our online repository or select your photo from your phone.
This willow photo watch face support PNG, JPG and GIF image format.
Add to willow gallery
Once you selected and download the image from this image repository it will add into the willow gallery automatically.
Share from other app to willow watch face
You also can add an image into the willow gallery from other apps. For example, in the gallery app. Tap the share button and select a willow watch face. Your selected image will directly save into our willow gallery.