Willow watch face

How to change date format

To change date format, you can customize the arrangement into any form you prefer.
tap at date format option
Tap date format option in the willow setting app
Preview section
The first part is preview. this will show the realtime result of the date format structure that use selected
The second part is date format structure.
format option
The third part is available of format option. It will show what is the available option that you can add into date format structure.
  • The grey option mean : You can't add this option to the date format structure. For example, the doesn't make sense to add another year's option after you already added one.
  • Orange option mean : This is the recommended option for you to add into the date format structure.
Tap "X" and the end to remove that option from structure.
Tap "SAVE" to set it on your watch face.